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Serra B
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United States
Hey, I'm Serra B. I still have a lot to learn about art, so I could use constructive criticism and tips. If you have some to give, I'd appreciate it, but please be nice. :)

My hobbies are drawing, writing (novels and short stories) and music. (Singing, ukulele, mandolin, guitar)

People ask me if I want to be an artist when I grow up, but actually I'd love to be an editor/author. :D

I usually draw with Procreate or Sketchbook Pro for iPad. My style varies slightly; I'm still working on my own.
Alone inside her empty room
Alone inside her heart
Alone up in her little tower
Waiting for her part

Afraid of what she could become
If she stayed that way
Afraid her prince would never come
Oh, lonely nights and days

But as the hand turned on the clock
And seconds turned to hours
Her mind began to think, oh yes
Her mind began to ponder

"What if I was my own true love
My knight in shining armor?
What if I packed my things and left
This lonely little tower?"

And so, unlike the girls before,
She cut her long, blonde hair
She ripped her dress so she could walk
And feel the cool, fresh air

She stole a horse from someone's stables,
Packed what she would need
And on she rode, a whole new girl
Upon her faithful steed

Years passed by like fleeing mice
And she was ever free
To slay the fears that weighed her down
No kneeling on her knees

And one day, she heard a sound
A frightened distant voice
"Leave or help?" The princess knew
Which was the right choice

She rode fast over grass and hills
Trampled over flowers
Until she saw a welcome sight
A lonely little tower

And in this tower stood someone
Calling out in fright
"Save me from this giant beast
with eyes as black as night!"

Without a second thought she rode
Yes, onward once again
To slay the mighty dragon
That had wandered from its den

Its claws were sharp, its teeth like knives
But she proved to be stronger
And after just a couple strikes
The beast could fight no longer

It staggered on its weak back feet
Collapsing to the ground
And it was then the princess saw
Who it was she'd found

Up in his room, a scared boy shook
A prince not like the rest
Someone like her, a rebel
Not the bravest or the best

Someone else who understood
No matter what they said
You're not just a stereotype
You are yourself instead

And when he saw what she had done
He realized this too
She swept him up off of his feet
And both of them just knew

No more cold and empty rooms
No more crying hearts
No more lonely little towers
She had done her part

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